Monday, September 26, 2011

An Excersize in Bindrunes: Flyfot

I know it's been a while since I've updated this Blog... Let me tell you why.. I got bored, and therefore, distracted. I tried to start out giving a nice compilation of a basic Rune Dictionary. There are a lot of those out there. I should not need to write one up. So From here on out, I will just be focusing on the work I have been pondering for the last few years. So Today I will be giving some basic instructions on one of my favorite bindrune forms, the Flyfot.

So first, what is a Flyfot you ask? Great question. From what I've been able to find, it is a general term for a 3 armed figure, or to be more specific, a three Legged figure. I've given three examples in the picture.

So here are the first two steps. Step 1: Pic one rune that you want to work with in a magnified way. Step 2: decide how you want that runes energy to manifest. Externally or Internally. Then positively or negatively?

Right so the three examples I give are simple. The first example is Ansuz, the 4th rune. Ive drawn it to express an outward positive energy. It is positive because I've drawn it facing forward or to the right, which is a sunwise movement AND the direction most of western civilization writes. The energy is outward moving because it starts at the base of the rune and move up through to the arms. In this the base is the center point and so it moves outwards. The second example I've used Uruz to give me inner strength. Since the energy is still moving from the base stroke upwards that draws most of the energy towards the center then releases the excess for balance. Now the last example, I've used Raidho to block forward movement. Sometimes things are going just a bit too fast so putting on the breaks help.. I didn't use Isa, because I don't want a complete standstill. As you see, in order to get a negative flow for the energy, I've drawn the rune facing to the left instead of the right because as it spins forward, it will be moving anti-sunwise.

So that's it! Now.. i will say this.. the 9 non-reversible runes can be a bit.. interesting.. in how they work in both bindrunes and in general. So experiment, Play, and see what combinations you get. Using these binds in meditation and in your magic can be VERY rewarding.

After you have done single rune Flyfots, expand into using three different runes. I cant wait to see what you get!

In Troth,